Vertical Lifts SPF1S, SPF1C

Moving Precisely Up and Down

Use and Application

Vertical lifts make material flow across several levels possible and are used wherever goods need to be transported vertically - they are ideal for the vertical transport of boxes, trays, plastic containers, bundles, pallets, and bags within automatic conveyor systems.
Vertical Lift SPF1S: Transport direction in “S” form. Outfeed side always opposite the infeed side.
Vertical Lift SPF1C: Transport direction in “C” form. Outfeed side always on the infeed side.


The vertical lift consists of a frame structure with all-round protective housing. The lift platforms are hung into circulating roller chains and during the return movement are guided vertically. The vertical conveyor runs continuously. Goods are received from a connected infeed conveyor. The drive is via a gear-brake motor with safety clutch. The vertical lift comes with complete electrical installation and is ready for connection to an external control cabinet.


• Gentle transport of products and high performance due to continuous chain run

• Intermediate buffering of several products possible

• Up and down movement with same side or opposite side infeed/outfeed