Space Saving Palletizing Solution

Articulated Arm Robot AR500 with TheWave

Use and Application

With this easy to program system you have the best space saving and gentle product handling solution worldwide. Discover this new combination of palletizing with either Siemens or Rockwell controls together with the spacesaving Layer Handling System TheWave.

Through its unique combination of conveying element and layer gripper TheWave can pick complete product layers from the conveyor line and place them safely and gently on a pallet - regardless of product or layer pattern. TheWave can be used in all sectors of the consumer goods industry and for almost all products. In contrast to conventional systems which use fork or clamp grippers, this compact design results in an enormous space saving of up to 40%. The new Langhammer Articulated Arm Robot AR500 in combination with either Siemens or Rockwell controls guarantees the easiest programming and maintenance. Previous robot programming knowledge is not required as programming of the robot is done directly via the PLC. By combining the Articulated Arm Robot AR500 with TheWave Langhammer offers a coordinated concept for the complete material flow environment, one characterized by extreme accuracy and high-quality palletizing – and everything according to customer requirements – ready to go from a single source.


The process involved in this new Langhammer TheWave system is simple and at the same time fascinating: carried on the gentle wave of the conveyor belt the product is taken up by the split gripper apron. Four-sided compression precisely aligns the layer formation on all sides. Resting on the gripper apron and secured by the four-sided compression plates, the layer is safely transported to the pallet and gently lowered unto it. It makes no difference if the layer pattern contains gaps or if full or half pallet layer patterns are to be transported. Conventional clamping systems exert pressure on the product layer and require interchangeable format parts for layer patterns containing gaps. TheWave does not need format parts for layers with gaps and positions the layer gently and without pressure.
The AR500 Articulated Arm Robot supports highly flexible palletizing possibilities through the use of a large variety of different grippers and operates very reliably as well as economically. Its extreme exactness makes for high quality palletizing and through the simple programmability it can be adapted to new tasks in the shortest of time.


• Easy programming and maintenance via the PLC: no robot programming skills required

• Optimal utilization of space and considerable space saving due to its compact design

• Highly flexible palletizing solution allows for any number of layer patterns

• Layer weights of up to 200 kg possible

• Gentle product handling of complete layers

• Consistent and proven Langhammer operating concept allows for easy configuration