Product and Consumer Goods Transport


Optimal Material Flow

Use and Application

Product transportation is an essential element of in-plant logistics. Exact and precise handling is a prerequisite for optimal material flow. Belt conveyors are ideal for transporting light to moderately heavy products. There are a variety of drive and tension units to choose from depending on the belt length and load weight. Roller conveyors can be adapted to a variety of space conditions. They are used for transporting light as well as heavy products, are impervious to dust and thus ideal for use in dusty environments.


The drives used in our conveyor technology are gear brake motors with safety clutches. The conveyors are electrically pre-installed and readied for connection to a PLC controller.


• Quick throughput times, high processing exactness as well as improved working conditions through optimally planned material flow

• Compatible components reduce interfaces

• Large assortment of standard components:

   Belt Conveyors
   • Curved Belt Conveyors
   • Small Belt Conveyors
   • Inclined Belt conveyors

   Roller Conveyors
   • Wheel Conveyors
   • Light Roller Conveyors
   • Roller Conveyor Curves
   • Gravity Roller Conveyors
   • Driven Roller Conveyors

   Chain Conveyors
   • Chain Conveyors
   • Traction Lifts