Palletizer PA15 - WhiteTiger Project

Palletizer PA15 from the WhiteTiger Project

Space-Saving • Gentle on Products • Modular in Design • Always Expandable

With its modular design and resulting high flexibility the WhiteTiger Project fully meets central customer requirements. The PA15 palletizer is one of the project’s core elements - fast but at the same time very gentle when palletizing sensitive products.

One highlight is the floor-level-palletizing, but this can be adapted to handle a wide range of different heights and a variety of infeeds make adaptations to new requirements possible at all times. The modular system in three performance classes, various versions of the placement belt together with component interchangeability ensure maximum flexibility - all that combined with intuitive operation and maintenance. In the high-speed range the system can palletize up to 10 layers/min. at pallet heights up to max. 2800 mm, layer sizes up to 1500 x 1500 mm and layer weights up to 150 kg.

This new means of "conveying rather than pushing" conveys rows of products or entire layers instead of pushing them. The belt slides under the bundle, sets it down at its destination, secures it gently - and withdraws just as gently. For a continuous product flow, the product is gently palletized using a placement belt with a very small roller diameter and without grouping or format pushers. This makes the system especially suitable for sensitive products that could otherwise be damaged when pushed (such as flour bags or paper rolls), and thereby minimizes product damage as well as machine malfunctions. Formation of layer patterns containing gaps is also possible due to an innovative, intelligent control system. In addition, the upstream grouping system can grasp individual products and arrange them in any desired formation thus obtaining the highest possible configuration flexibility in layer formation. The PA15 has an open control concept and is available with either Siemens (S7-1500) or Rockwell controls.

Decisive Benefits

• Higher Performance than ever before

• Gentle Product Palletizing: conveying instead of pushing, placement belt without grouping or format pusher resulting in continuous product flow

• Less Space Required: smaller footprint and minimum control cabinet size make for optimal integration into existing production lines

• Precisely Aligned Layer Formation: thanks to four-sided compression

• Easy Programming: Pallet-Maker – well proven layer pattern designing tool

• Floor-Level-Palletizing: infeeds from various heights possible

• Industry 4.0 Capable: Predictive and Remote Maintenance

• Modular Design and Scalability: adaptation to new/changed requirements always possible through extensions and upgrades

• Our Most Flexible Palletizing Solution: highest possible configuration flexibility of pallet layers/layout and variety of processable products