Pallet Transport Technology

Components That Get Things Moving

Use and Application

Stacking or separating empty and full pallets, transporting pallets on different transport levels - these are just some of the tasks for which Langhammer offers the right solution. The wide range of roller conveyors available start with economical models without drive and continue onto driven roller conveyors with reversible transport direction and high pulling power. Driven roller conveyors, e.g. for the lengthwise transport of Euro pallets, are ideally suited for lowest building heights, such as the manual shuttle car transfer level. Transfer units and turntables make flexible pallet transport possible in the first place. They connect transport lines and change the transport direction of the pallet as required. Fully automatic pallet shuttle cars are used in modern palletizing systems and in the front zone of high-bay warehouses.  In this case several material flow sources can be flexibly combined with an almost endless number of material flow targets.


The drives used in our transport technology are gear brake motors with a safety clutches. The conveyors are electrically pre-installed and readied for connecting to a PLC controller.


• Complete building block system with modular standard components

• Individually planned conveyor units, fine-tuned to task requirements

• Large assortment of pallet transport technology:

   • Pallet Roller Conveyors
   • Pallet Chain Conveyors
   • Pallet Buffer Conveyors
   • Pallet Turntables
   • Pallet Transfer Units
   • Pallet Shuttle Cars
   • Empty Pallet Dispensers
   • Empty Pallet Testers
   • Pallet Lifts