Linear Robot LR03

Perfect Flexibility

Use and Application

The Linear Robot LR03 is a flexible palletizer and an economical solution for palletizing almost all products in the consumer goods industry and  is ideally suited for palletizing bundles, boxes, bags, standard cases, bakery baskets and packs. In situations with low ceilings and limited space it is the perfect fit. The LR03 impresses with its solid construction, use of high quality components and maintenance friendly design and ensures easy operation. This robot sets standards with a load capacity of up to 500 kg and a possible palletizing height of up to 2800 mm.


The LR03 can be combined with the typical suction, clamp and fork grippers for single and multiple picks and can handle any type of interleaf sheets and empty pallets. In addition layer grippers can grasp complete pallet layers with one pick. The clear design of the color touch-panel makes for easy operation. With the optional MultiPack-Software designing new patterns is done in a matter of minutes. The open control system is based either on Siemens or Rockwell technology, whichever the customer prefers.


• Economic articulated arm robot alternative

• Conversion of braking energy into electrical current saves resources and the environment

• Easy and cost saving installation as no support foundation is required

• Easy operation due to clearly defined working area

• Flexible application due to compact and modular design

• Open control system allows for the installation of new pallet configurations at any time