Layer Palletizer PA8

The Allrounder in Pallet Handling

Use and Application

The Layer Palletizer PA8 is suitable for almost all consumer products in packs, cases, crates, bags, etc.
The palletizer versions PA81 and PA82 are based on the PA8 base model. PA81 can carry heavy pallet loads and the pallets run through lengthwise - important when palletizing bags. PA82 is designed to handle very heavy pallet loads and pallets can run either lengthwise or crosswise. A typical application for the PA8 palletizer is found in the Hygienic Paper Industry where the standard palletizer palletizes both bundles and small packs.


Products are rotated and orientated in the infeed section as programmed in the HMI. The former pusher transfers the product in sections onto the sliding plate until a full layer has been completed. This sliding plate is located directly over the pallet bay. It opens and transfers the complete layer onto the pallet below, the pallet lift lowers the individual layers one by one, the sliding plate closes and the formation of the next layer begins. Depending on the program selected, an interleaf sheet is now placed onto the new layer. Interleaf sheets can either come off a pallet, a roll or a dispenser. Discharge of the full pallet and positioning of the next empty one is effected automatically.


• High output rate with a wide product range

• Precise operation allows for the direct production of sales pallets  

• Simple and quick product changeovers due to toolless format changes

• Minimum space requirement facilitates the integration of the machine into existing production lines

• Modular palletizer design adapts easily to any given layout

• Extendable through the Langhammer building block system