Layer Palletizer PA7

The Consumer Goods-Specialist in Layer Handling

Use and Application

The Layer Palletizer PA7 is ideal for universal use in the middle class range and for a large variety of applications and products - such as cartons, bags, packs, containers, plastic cases etc. A typical application is its use as a line palletizer placed downstream from packaging machines, e. g. in the food industry. A variety of infeed versions and the patented integrated interleaf unit allow for a wide range of possibilities. For example, bags within a performance range of up to 1000 per hour can be palletized perfectly. The electrically driven gripper turning unit operates form-fittingly which makes for exact 90 degree right or left turns or 180 degree ones.


Products are pre-arranged in the upstream infeed and transferred in rows to the sliding plate. As soon as a complete layer has been formed the lifting platform brings the loaded plate to the stacked pallet height. The sliding plate moves the layer horizontally over the pallet, the pusher is lowered and the sliding plate moves back and this new layer is placed on the pallet stack. The lift then moves down to receive the next layer. After the last layer has been completed the pallet leaves the palletizer and a new empty pallet moves into position.


• Easy operation and monitoring from floor level

• Easy and quick product changes due to tool-less format changeovers

• Small footprint allows for integration into existing production lines

• Modular design eases adaptation to a variety of requirements

• Extendable through the Langhammer building block system