Layer Handling System TheWave

Conveyor and Layer Gripper Combined 'Simply'

Use and Application

TheWave is a unique combination of a conveyor element with a layer gripper resulting in a machine that can take complete product layers arriving from the conveyor lane and – indepen­dent of product type and configuration – place them safely onto a pallet. TheWave can be used in all sectors of the consumer industry branch and for almost all products. Its compact design makes it possible – in contrast to the usual systems using fork or clamp grippers – to save enormously on floor space.


The principle applied in TheWave is as simple as it is fascinating: Carried on the gentle wave of the conveyor belt the product is taken up by the split gripper apron. The four-sided compression aligns the layer formation exactly on all four sides. Positioned on the gripper apron and held in place by the compression unit the product layer is transported to the waiting pallet and gently placed onto it. It makes no difference if the layer pattern contains gaps or if full or half pallets are to be transported. The standard clamp systems exert pressure on the product layer and require exchangeable format parts for layers including gaps. TheWave requires no such parts for configurations with gaps and positions the layer gently and without pressure.


• Optimal use of space due to its compact design 

• Reduction of the footprint by more than 40% in comparison to fork gripper systems

• Gentle handling of complete product layers

• Handling of a variety of pallet configurations with only one gripper

• Format parts are not required, thus reducing complexity and freeing warehouse space