Gripper Systems

A Large Variety

Use and Application

Grippers are usually used for palletizing with robots. Almost all possible products like cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets or bottles can be handled. The right choice of the matching gripper is crucial for the palletizing result. Of most importance is the required task which determines the design of the gripper. The more complex a palletizing task is, the higher the requirements on the gripper are. For exceptional products we develop special grippers as a special solution. Contact us!


The gripper ensures that the product can be handled by the palletizing robot. Utmost priority lies in the safe and secure gripping of the product and prevention of damage to the product and the surrounding area during the palletizing procedure.

Grippers for palletizing applications can be generally classified in the following functional groups:

• Clamping grippers
• Fork grippers
• Suction grippers
• Magnetic grippers


• Large assortment of gripper types for a variety of usages/applications

• Clean pallet configuration through use of appropriate gripper

• Format changeovers possible without changes on the gripper for the majority of grippers

• Most grippers also handle interleaves and pallets thus reducing the number of machines required