Gantry Robots PRO03, PRO04

Perfect Palletizing of Consumer Goods

Use and Application

The Gantry Robots PRO03 and PRO04 can be used for palletizing almost all products such as bundles, boxes, bags, standard cases, bakery baskets and packs. Equipped with a maintenance-free axis system, strong lifting axis or telescopic lifting axis they are predestined for heavy-duty usage in the palletizing field. What characterizes our gantry robots is their high flexibility, wide operating range and precision in handling. The Langhammer gantry robot system meets the requirements needed for increasing the variety of handled products. In this way unit costs are optimized and processing safety heightened. The system's flexibility increases the machine's uptime and makes it possible to react faster to market requests. With these robots Langhammer offers a flexible, reliable and economical automatic solution.


The PRO03 moves along 3 different axes: the X-axis (lengthwise movement), the Y-axis (crosswise movement) and the Z-axis (up and down movement) which is telescopic in design. The PRO04 differs from the PRO03 primarily as regards the use of a rigid Z-axis instead of a telescoping one, this makes possible the lifting of heavier loads - up to 500 kilos.


• High uptimes due to a maintenance-free guidance of the main axes

• Low headroom with optional telescoping axis

• Handling of very heavy loads with optional rigid Z-axis

• Highly flexible due to the use of a variety of grippers

• Interleaf and pallet handling possible