Articulated Arm Robots

Solutions for High Demands

Use and Application

Articulated Arm Robots offer highly flexible palletizing possibilities and are thus a real economical alternative. Especially profitable when with the corresponding performance two end packaging lines can be palletized by one machine. Articulated Arm Robots from Langhammer come delivered with the complete material flow environment in exact accordance with customer preferences. A turnkey installation from a single source.


The long range of the robot arm makes it possible to palletize several lines at once (up to four) with one machine. Depending on the required task 4 or 6 axis robots can be employed. Thanks to an optimized drive technology these robots belong to the fastest in their class and can handle heavy loads. Their extreme precision allows for high quality palletizing and due to their easy programmability they can be adapted to new tasks within the shortest time.


• Highly flexible palletizing solutions due to quick and easy re-configurations

• Extremely precise operation ensures high quality palletizing

• Use of a great variety of grippers makes for high flexibility

• Coordinated concept including material flow environment