NEWSLETTER August 2017

Lieken Lüdersdorf - The Bread And Bakery Company

The innovative spirit of the traditional bakery trade was what led it into the modern age and which helped Fritz Lieken succeed in creating longer lasting dough through pasteurization. It was he who also introduced wire mesh ovens into Germany, ones with which large quantities of bread can be baked in uniform good quality. Today Lieken AG ranks among the leading manufacturers of bread and bakery products in Germany. But be that as it may, changing market conditions and new bakery concepts within the trade always require new adaptations in production and logistics. In Lüdersdorf the production lines were expanded and the necessary extension of the storage capacities together with the set up of a new deep-freeze high-bay warehouse were carried out. As general contractor Aberle GmbH, Leingarten was responsible for the realization of the project. Langhammer GmbH, Eisenberg delivered the pallet conveyor technology and the palletizing. Completely networked IT processes, thoroughly automated product flow between production and goods dispatch, as well as sequenced provision of the goods outlets significantly increased the efficiency and throughput of the manufacturer.
A crucial factor in the setup was the conveyor technology installed by Langhammer GmbH. Our PA8 palletizer with pallet lifting system ensures high-performance palletizing of the frozen products. Within a few months Aberle had set up the HBW in silo style. All components are designed for an ambient temperature of well below -24° C. The result was a compact HBW with 6,000 pallet storage spaces for double layer storage. 330 tons of bread and bakery products are produced daily at the Lieken site in Lüdersdorf. With this new HBW, the processes between production and dispatch are now completely automatized.
As a leading supplier of transport and palletizing systems Langhammer offers installations tailor-made to customer requirements, effective solutions with intelligent material flow concepts as well as high performance storage and conveying technology. Langhammer and Aberle are part of the Business Unit logistics systems of the international technology group Körber.

Space Saving Palletizing Solution

Articulated Arm Robot AR500 with TheWave

The new AR500 articulated robot in combination with Siemens or Rockwell controls guarantees easiest programming and maintenance – and that without the need for robot programming knowledge, since the robot is programmed directly via the PLC. As a unique combination of conveying element and layer gripper, TheWave can take up complete product layers from the conveyor line and place them safely and product protectively on a pallet, regardless of product and layer configuration. With this innovative combination of an articulated arm robot and TheWave Langhammer offers a concise concept for the complete material flow environment with extreme precision and high standard palletizing quality – all according to customer requirements. And all from one source!

Additional Benefits:
Optimized utilization of space and a very small footprint due to the compact design, highly flexible palletizing solution allowing for any number of layer configurations, layer weights up to 200 kg possible, product protective handling of complete layers and simple configuration.

Construction Work at Langhammer Full Steam Ahead!

The construction of the modern development center and new office building in Eisenberg is taking on more and more definite shape. After the demolition of three halls in the first half of this year, we are now in the hot phase of the project. The office building structure as well as the framework of the new modern testing hall including logistics locks, are now standing.
A total of 40 new office working areas, several meeting and training rooms, roof terrace and a green inner courtyard as meeting and communication areas for employees have been created. “Future-oriented, modern working areas, a maximum on working safety and sustainable quality improvements are all part of our strategic goals," sums up Managing Director Enrico Pes.

Our Customers Determine Our Actions

Best Practice NPS Examples:

Expansion of our Service Network and New Product Catalog

As we mentioned in our previous Newsletter, our new system for determining customer satisfaction (NPS) has been developed further and some results from that study have already been put into practice. The system is now a standard and an integral part of new installations for our customers. Through our customers’ feedback we can better handle their wishes and suggestions and thus implement required improvements.

Another important improvement is the expansion of our service network

A leading manufacturer in the dairy industry expressed the desire in August of last year for local spur-of-the-moment service. In order to be able to ensure our customers a fast service support, we started to expand our service network and to further qualify our personnel. Since the beginning of this year, a service technician has been available for our customers in northern Germany at our office in Bad Bramstedt (north of Hamburg). In addition to that our service network will be expanded further, so that two other service technicians will be available at our Osnabrück and Magdeburg locations by the end of this year.

As a result our customers can be served beyond our existing service locations in Eisenberg and Freiberg quicker and better – and that within 2 to 3 hours in the event of service needs or for other application purposes.

How can you use this system to your advantage?

• participate in our survey
• give us your opinion
• make suggestions for improvements

In this way you can directly influence improvements of our products, services and processes. As a result your own processes will become much more efficient and your performance increased. If you have not received a questionnaire dealing with your installation and you would still like to contribute suggestions for improvements, please contact us at any time via this e-mail address: Of course your suggestions for improvements are also welcome even if you have not purchased a system from us.

A further example of how feedback and suggestions can have an influence can be seen in our customers’ wish for a complete overview of our services and products. As a result we published our new product catalog in printed and digital form in the autumn of last year and also redesigned our website so that our customers can now obtain even more comprehensive information.

Langhammer with New YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel has been completely overhauled and offers the interested web user a variety of information via videos.
Get an idea of what kind of services you can expect from us: customized automation solutions for a variety of industries. Primarily these are for paper and tissue processing, but also for the food, chemical, and cosmetics industries.
Learn more about our new YouTube channel.

Trade Shows

LogiMAT in Stuttgart

In a joint trade show presentation at the LogiMAT from March 14th to the 16th, 2017 Körber Logistics demonstrated their bundled competence as a partner for intralogistics. As their contribution to Industry 4.0 the digital control of their complete logistic network was shown, one with interconnections ready for future demands.

Interpack in Düsseldorf

Langhammer presented their new space saving palletizing solution for the first time at the Interpack from May 4th-10th, 2017. This solution consists in the combination of the articulated arm robot AR500 and TheWave. Once again this was an ideal spot for all interested persons to get informed about the latest developments of the branch in detail.

Career Fair ORTE in Freiberg

To be able to build on highly qualified employees in the future Langhammer participated in the Career Fair ORTE on January 12th, 2017 and informed students and graduates there about development opportunities in our company and answered questions regarding the possibilities of employment, internships, and thesis work.