NEWSLETTER December 2016

Langhammer Invests in Continued Growth

"The expansion of our headquarters began in 2015 and its step-by-step continuation since then is a clear commitment to our location here," stated Enrico Pes, Managing Director of the Langhammer GmbH. "With the demolition of 3 halls and the construction of a modern development center as well as a new office building we are now entering the hot phase of this building project." These measures belong to a long-term investment concept as part of Langhammer's growth strategy. The goal is to increase the usable area on-site, condense inventory and to modernize working areas in production as well as in administration. "The capacities in the existing buildings regarding working areas, warehouse space and efficiency enhancement had reached their limits," explains Enrico Pes. "The new infrastructure with its modern halls und office buildings gives us the opportunity to optimally combine organizational growth, interdisciplinary work and outward presentation and so implement our strategy requirements."
A new office building as well as a modern testing hall including a logistics lock connecting it to the adjacent production hall will be erected. In addition to that the existing office building will be renovated, modified and modernized, resulting in 40 new office working areas, several conference and training rooms – with lounge areas, roof terrace and green courtyard – and attractive meeting and communication areas for employees.
"So the expansion of our headquarters location serves not only the purpose of efficiency increase and growth, but, especially in view of the skill shortage in our branch, also increases the attractiveness of our location and company for our employees," sums up Enrico Pes. "Future oriented, modern working areas, a maximumof working safety and lasting quality improvements are all part of our strategic goals." The completion of this project phase is planned for the last quarter in 2017.

Layer Palletizer With Integrated Pallet Doubling

For their Maggi production site in Luedinghausen Nestlé ordered a new type PA8 layer palletizer with longer carton conveyor technology. Downstream of an on-site spiral conveyor the new Langhammer technology takes over and from there conveys lengthwise oriented cartons directly to the new layer palletizing. The novelty in this project is the installation of a compact pallet doubling within the basic machine of the PA8 layer palletizer. As a basis for this solution Langhammer engineers were able to build upon their experience gained through the installation of a previous system involving a PA6 layer palletizer. For new projects in the future this further development of pallet doubling can be performed directly in the palletizer (only possible with a transverse machine with chain conveyor system). In the long run the customer saves investment costs and especially a lot of space due to no longer requiring a pallet doubler within the pallet transport setup. Before Nestlé can make an optimum use of the advantages of this new technology, the central empty pallet unit together with an existing PA6 layer palletizer need to be repositioned. This is an excellent example of how constructive cooperation between customer and supplier can result in new and successful compositions.

FachPack 2016 for the First Time with HoloLens Glasses

Langhammer decided to go in a new direction for their machine presentationat this year's FachPack in Nuremberg. For the first time no actual machine was shown at their trade show booth, but instead a virtual representation of a complete palletizing system through a pair of Microsoft HoloLens 3D Glasses. Wearing these developed glasses viewers could move within a virtual and at the same time real world. It was possible for trade visitors to see a Langhammer palletizing unit in its original size or scaled down on a smaller presentation surface. The machine could be controlled via voice commands and gestures, which, if desired, also explained individual components in detail. A unique experience was being able to safely walk not only around, but also within the machine. Where else do you get the opportunity to stand beneath a gripper while it is performing or to observe other functions close-up and in detail?
This exceptional 3D presentation form had customers and trade visitors captivated. Friedrich Mährlein, Senior Controls Manager at Langhammer GmbH remarked: "We can well imagine stepping up the use of this kind of presentation in the future. Our sales department can, e.g., show customers new machines within their working environment regardless of where in the world they might be."
In addition Langhammer presented a wide spectrum of solutions for palletizing and conveying tasks at their booth. Explore the new product catalog "All-in-One Palletizing & Conveying" online at:

6-Matrix Distribution for Heinrichsthaler in Radeberg

Langhammer has developed a highly flexible 6-matrix distributionfor the Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH in Radeberg. The matrixis designed for blister packs. We will be installing a total of nine line connections. With this new and special setup it will be possible to target each packer from every production line. The technology is amortized through the shorter or no longer required changeover-times on the packers themselves and the extra packaging timesgained per production line. The matrix is setup as a multiple staircase.Operation and conversion is only partly automated. A full automation can be easily retrofitted at a later time. The matrix hasa conveyor length of 420 meters as a basis for the connection of the sixproduction lines. A detailed report will follow in the first quarter of 2017.The Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke stand for the best milk in the region, for environmental and responsible production methods and - of course - for delicious cheese - "My Piece of Nature".

NPS - Net Promoter Score: Langhammer Introduces Customer Satisfaction Measuring System

Since our customers' opinions are important to us at Langhammer our Product Management introduced the Net Promotion Score in the beginning of this year. Within a monthly survey, we offer our customers the opportunity to give us direct feedback. We do this about three months after going into operation by asking two main contact persons at the particular company in question (e.g. the project manager and purchasing agent) an essential question:

How likely would you recommend Langhammer?

Our customers then have the possibility of evaluating us on a score sheet within a range of 1 to 10 points. Of course we are very happy with scores of 9 or 10 and offer our customer the opportunity to give us feedback on what they value in their cooperation with Langhammer. If our score is 8 points or less, we ask how we can further improve to achieve a higher rating next time. With a rating of 6 and lower we automatically ask how happy our customer is regarding sales/consulting, project management/order processing and assembly/start-up. In addition we have provided measures in which the customer is contacted within a week. Our goal being the arrangement for a meeting and to initiate further steps to restore our customer's satisfaction. Through precisely defined processes, we ensure that all responses are evaluated and reach all the teams from the various departments involved so that further measures can be undertaken.
We thank our customers for their previous, valuable feedback and hope for a lively participation in our survey in the future as well.

Decisive advantage:

Our customers benefit from feedback as well.
It gives them direct influence on the improvement of our products, services and processes, and in a second step, their own processes become continuously more effective resulting in performance increases.

Apprenticeship Start 2016

For the joint apprenticeship start of new employees at Körber Logistics Systems (Aberle, Langhammer, Inconso) from plants in Eisenberg, Freiberg, Leingarten, Dahn, and Bad Nauheim a get-to-know-each-other meeting took place from September 7th to the 9th, 2016 in Freiberg. After a barbecue on the first day, a warm welcome was given on the second day and the various business sectors were presented. Following a tour of the plant during which the business and technical processes of the company were explained, the operational functions of a linear robot were pointed out and described for the "rookies" on a machine while in action. During the afternoon all participants were able to prove themselves as a team for the first time in a city rally. A tricky hunt through the city began with the help of a QR code, which the participants had to absolve with the support of various aids. Afterwards things went deep down and the team travelled 150 meters below the city for an exciting mining tour "underground". Friday started off with a lecture including practical examples on such topics as motivation, organization and business etiquette. A highlight to round things off was a bike show with Hannes Herrman (professional trial biker), after which the participants could test their own skills on a professional bike. This was certainly one unique start in a successful future in the KLS team!

Trade Show Participation 2016


From September 26th to the 29th, 2016 Langhammer had their first exhibition for Polish trade professionals with their wide range of conveyor technology and palletizing.

For this expanding market all publications, including a new videofilm, could be presented in the Polish language.

MIAC, Italy

From October 12th to the 14th, 2016 Langhammer was able to present Italian trade professionalst heir wide range of services.

With their partner Fabio Perini innovations and advanced technologies were presented as well the new complete catalog.

ABTCP, Brazil

Once again the most important trade show for the Latin American Market in São Paulo, Brazil provided the ideal meeting place for customers and interested visitors.

From October 25th to the 27th, 2016 Langhammer, together with Fabio Perini, presented their new complete offerings in palletizing and conveyor technology.