Made in Brazil - Added Value for Latin American Customers

In cooperation with Fabio Perini in Brazil the first Brazilian produced Langhammer palletizing system was showcased there in November of 2015. The unit was designed with the specific demands of the South American tissue market in mind and combines the flexible robotic forming of single packages or large bundles into groups with the layer handling technology of "The Wave" which very gently places grouped layers of tissue products onto the corresponding pallet. In contrast to current systems "The Wave" offers maximum efficiency in layer handling while at the same time reducing space requirements by up to 50%. The designation "The Wave" expresses the wave-like movement of the plastic modular conveyor belt supporting the product from below: two flowing wave movements on opposite ends of the belt move towards each other and in the process slightly lift the product so that the splits liding apron can be gently run beneath it.

Chief Executive Enrico Pes remarks: "During the past several years we have been very much occupied with the requirements of customers in South America. In the process we discovered that a simple operation of installations together with a gentle and flexible handling of products were the decisive characteristics our customers valued the most. Many customers not only use standard pallets for the in-house logistics of their plants, but also oversized pallets. Our layer handling system 'The Wave' can handle standard formats as well as large formats up to a size of 1700 x 1700 mm and so the investment pays off much quicker. An important factor is that changeovers take place at the push of a button – simply and quickly without needing to exchange format parts."

Langhammer Arrives in Latin America

Filippe Dalponte, Area Manager for Langhammer in Brazil, summed up the project as follows: "The desire of Latin American customers for more productivity and continuous market growth provided the basis for this new development. "Always being aware of the signs of the times and current market demands was the trigger which motivated Fabio Perini and Langhammer to start this joint venture as soon as possible and to produce a new kind of robot - one as of yet not seen by Latin American customers. Building this palletizing system completely in Brazil was a challenge, and transferring the technology and know-how from Eisenberg to Joinville required a lot of effort from both teams. The resulting successful project is the first of many and gives our customers the opportunity to buy German technology combined with all the economical and technical support of a highly recognized local manufacturer."

Expansion of 3D Software Use in Sales

For more than 5 years we have been successfully using 3D software for customer projects. What this means for our customers is that they receive a surplus of technical solutions. In cases where installations contain numerous levels a 3D presentation allows for a better grasp of the material flow, access, ease of operation and the ever increasing importance of on-the-job safety involved. More and more customers construct their production halls - including all of the installations contained therein - using 3D software. In this way virtual walkabouts are possible and when planning new installations the setup can be tested as to possible collision areas. Our software is compatible with a wide range of others which makes for an extremely easy export and exchange of data. Even the transfer into AutoCAD 2D runs smoothly. This software guarantees our customers some decisive advantages, e.g. an enormous amount of time can be saved because only one layout is necessary to be able to show all views and at the same time it can also be used as a presentation tool.

Some resulting advantages and additional possibilities:

  • 3D layouts can be produced within the shortest time with the help of simple building blocks and the entry of a few parameters
  • An increasing number of detailed views of our units can be processed – so that it is possible for customers to create advertizing material or animation films

Interview with Roland Fuchs

As of January 1st, 2016 Langhammer GmbH has an additional managing director in the person of Roland Fuchs (46).
Responsible for the areas of order processing, production and purchasing he began at once with the support of the successful work done by Enrico Pes, who has been the managing director for many years. Uniting their expertise and experience, together both will be able to easily tackle the increased demands the market presents.

Editor: Mr. Fuchs, how was your start at Langhammer?
Roland Fuchs: From day one on I met with openness and support from the entire team. I really enjoy coming to work and look forward to the daily interchange with my colleagues here - something which I view as very important to maintain. There is a lot to be done and I've experienced a high amount of trust in advance from the people here, this greatly encourages me to turn the challenges that lie ahead of us as a team into successes through well structured processes.

Editor: Which tasks or goals are you focusing on?
Roland Fuchs: My experience gained through 30 years in the automotive supply industry is of great help here because that branch has already reached a high level of quality and productivity. Now it is of importance to bring this to bear here at Langhammer and develop it even further. By doing so we at Langhammer can secure a competitive advantage for ourselves by shortening lead times, simplifying and standardizing working processes and continuing to professionalize project management.

Editor: What does this mean for Langhammer customers?
Roland Fuchs: It means that in the end our customers receive even higher quality products at reduced delivery times, i.e. for our customers as well as for us it involves an optimal orientation of the company for the future.

Editor: And how can this be achieved?
Roland Fuchs: To be able to carry out processes which are strongly customer oriented in the way we would like them to be, clear process definitions and responsibilities are a must. This includes simplifying organizational methods and being able to react to malfunctions quickly and early on. All of this leads to stable working processes from which high quality products result. Nobody can do this on their own. The targeted goal can only be reached if all employees are involved in these new developments. All activities need to be optimally coordinated. I am sure that, together, we are on the right track towards being able to ideally fulfill the needs of our customers regarding availability, quality and individuality.

Langhammer Introduces Product Management

Kai Andreas Menges, Product Manager at Langhammer GmbH, on an important development at Langhammer: "Langhammer's special strength lies in our tailor-made automation solutions for customers from a variety of branches. As one of the leading providers of palletizing installations we continue to rise to meet increasing customer requirements. For this reason we have professionally refined our product management to uninterruptedly maintain our steady growth and constantly increase our market position.

The advantages for our customers resulting through this product management are clear: they receive sophisticated and more efficient products with higher quality at an optimum cost-benefit ratio. Customer needs are met with faster and installations are more efficiently designed and realized. With this professional product management we want to be kept aware of current or developing needs and processes and bring our expertise and experience into play for our customers resulting in the application of innovative ideas. This is an important step towards an increase in customer satisfaction and a reinforcement of our market position."

SCA Invests in Lilla Edet/Sweden

A restructuring within the SCA Corporation has made it necessary to relocate the complete installation of the SCA plant in Orléans, France. The converting line will be moved to Lilla Edet in Sweden this year.

Langhammer received the contract for the installation of the product conveyors and their adaptation to the newly created space conditions. This involves a complete tissue line with, among other things, three high performance Langhammer palletizers.

We are happy for the confidence SCA has placed in us as demonstrated by their assurance that we will be able to carry out all that is necessary to make this project a success. Together with the installation of new components SCA will be undergoing a complete rearrangement in Lilla Edet – all from a single source of conveyors. The planned changes will best equip SCA to confidently handle all future tasks which come their way while utilizing the new capacities to their full potential.

Trade Show Participation 2016

UPAKOVKA in Moscow

The first trade show for Langhammer this year was in Moscow from January 26th to the 29th.

The UPAKOVKA is the Russian counterpart to the German FachPack.

A large number of exhibitors were present showcasing the latest in packaging and palletizing to an interested Russian market.

LogiMAT in Stuttgart

From March 8th to the 10th Langhammer was at the international trade show for distribution, material and information flow.

Once again the LogiMAT turned out to be the ideal meeting point for customers and people interested in being informed about the newest developments within the branch.

PROPAK AFRICA in Johannesburg

Together at a joint booth with our local South African partner Reitech SA we were able to present the Langhammer service palette to African trade professionals from March 15th to the 18th.