NEWSLETTER December 2015

Langhammer Expands Its Capacities

In the spring of this year the new factory building at the
Langhammer plant in Eisenberg was ceremoniously inau-
gurated. Langhammer invested some 2.6 million Euros in
the new 1,224 square meter hall. In his speech Managing
Director Enrico Pes stressed, among other things, that this
is not just about a necessary capacity expansion for the
growing company, but rather demonstrates how Lang-
hammer has evolved from a manufacturer of palletizers to a
developer of complete logistic systems. Before the expansion
only individual Langhammer system components could be tested on the premises. In the new hall considerably more space is now available and intensive test runs of complete system solutions can be carried out. This guarantees Langhammer customers a high quality standard and continuously improved reliability.

With this new building an important foundation stone has been laid for the future. For Langhammer it was an important step toward optimizing in-plant work processes and thus strengthening productivity. Recognizing the "signs of the times" is a Langhammer characteristic and an opportunity to supplement new developments with years of acquired knowledge and experience and come up with innovative ideas.

Innovative Alternatives for the Dairy Industry

We were able to realize a maintenance friendly and economi-
cal palletizing set-up for our customer DMK. With a total of
four LR03 compact linear robots we developed a hygienic
and central layer palletizing system for handling quark (fresh
cheese) buckets. The new installation is fully automatic and
can palletize 45 crates (with 3 to 4 crates on top of each
other) or 20 buckets per minute. The implemented compact
solution fit in perfectly with the needs and structural condi-
tions of the customer. The installation consists of four stan-
dard LR03 palletizers with a new layer gripper system, equip-
ped with a split fork a pron in row orientation. All processing
lines for crates are connected to a LR03 palletizer and those
for buckets to an articulated arm robot. Bucket palletizing
(see photograph) is carried out by two articulated robots
of the IRB 460 type, both are controlled by only one control
source. A double-decker pallet conveyor system via two
pallet shuttles transports an empty pallet in the lower posi-
tion and a loaded pallet in the upper one making for more
availability in the discharge phase.

New Pallet Transfer Unit PUR01

A component in the all-round solution for pallet transport is
the new pallet transfer unit PUR01 with parallel lift for the right
angle pallet transfer from the longitudinal roller conveyor
transport to the transverse chain conveyor transport
direction. The roller conveyor is lifted parallel between the
chain conveyor sections. Lift via gear brake motor and
eccentric. In the lowered position the roller conveyor is
located below the upper edge of the chain conveyors.
An intermediate lifting position (optional) allows for the discharge of pallets.

New Feeder AN17

With the new feeder AN17 interleaves of cardboard or paper
can be placed on pallets. With a swivel range of 180° the
swivel and lifting movements of the Z axis are carried out
by motor drives. Intermediate positions can also be targeted
by the feeder. The swivel range of 180° makes it possible ,
e.g., for the feeder to supply two palletizers simultaneously.
An automatic fall protection ensures that the mechanism
does not drop down in the event of a power failure.
A very useful device in the prevention of damage or
accidents.The swivel direction of the feeder is monitored
so that in a situation consisting of two separate cells
one cell can continue to operate while in the other,
for example, maintenance or service work is being
carried out.

Naturella Beverages GmbH & Co. KG

For Naturella in Waibstadt we installed new palletizers for the flexible packaging of fruit juices. Waibstadt is the location of this riha Weser Gold company in southern Germany and supplies federal states such as Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg as well as neighboring countries such as France and Italy. In the first phase Langhammer delivered 2 new layer palletizing systems of the PA8 type and integrated an existing PA73 palletizer into the new setup. The palletizers have a direct connection and each one processes a production line. What has been newly implemented is the ZF51 infeed station with a conveyor width of 1000 mm which makes for a higher grouping and palletizing performance.

Positive Customer Survey Results

In order to be able to take our customers' interests into account even better, we conducted a survey on customer satisfaction this year. A variety of customers were invited to participate in the survey and we received a total of 1,479 individual assessments as a result. It was exciting to find out how our customers rate us. More than 93% of the participants responded with overall positive evaluations. Viewed in detail we received a value laying consistently between 92 and 98% in the areas of briefing/quotation/contract, delivery/assembly/start-up, system operation/maintenance/upkeep, communication and business. Our customers see Langhammer's strength as lying in our employees' reliability and interaction with clients as well as in the quality of our products. Areas of improvement lie in the cost and quick fault elimination sectors. Our focus for the future is to become even better in these areas. Our customers also placed a strong emphasis on the areas of system operation, maintenance and repair. We take the suggestions made for improvements and other wishes very seriously and will continue to pursue these diligently. Original quote from the survey: »Communication with employees, regardless from which department, is great! The technical advice is very good and new developments always lead to the desired results. The machines are so well planned and designed that hardly any problems occur. The software programs function optimally and on the mechanical side, maintenance costs are extremely low. The parts run and run and run, like a Mercedes or a Swiss clock. Langhammer is synonymous with quality, which cannot be said of many other competitors. It's always fun working on a project with Langhammer.«

Trade Show Review 2015

iT's tissue Lucca/Italy

Together with our partner Fabio Perini we had a successful exhibition at the trade show "iT's tissue"
in Lucca/Italy this year. It was a unique technological experience, full of innovations and advanced technologies.

FachPack in Nuremberg

We can also look back on a very successful FachPack this year. A large number of customers and interested parties informed themselves as to our extensive product range and were able to view a smoothly operating layer palletizer LR03 in action. The presentation was rounded off with a live performance of our patented Layer Handling System "The Wave".

ABTCP in São Paulo, Brasil

Langhammer along with Fabio Perini was present at the most important
trade show for the Latin American market, the ABTCP in SãoPaulo/Brasil.
It was an opportunity to maintain existing customer contacts, follow
important trends and new products and enter new markets.